Student ministry focused in loving what matters.

FBC Gordon's Student Ministry seeks to ground students (6th-12th grade) in God's Word to help prepare them to walk with Christ for the rest of their lives. Our church has placed much prayer and thought into how we ought to go forward with our Student Ministry and we found that the best way for the students to learn how to love is by following the example of Jesus Christ. Our Student Ministry is divided into three categories of spiritual growth. First the students are encouraged to love God by worshiping Him in our Sunday morning service at 10:45 A.M. Secondly we encourage our students to love others by having fellowship with other believers throughout the week in our Bible Studies, and third, our students are encouraged to serve with love by serving the church and community in our many service projects such as mission trips, outreach programs and community services. With that, we believe we will grow mature Christians that love God, love others, and serve with love.

Our Student Ministry policies and procedures manual can be found here.

For questions:

  • Please contact our Associate Pastor of Missions and Student Ministry:
  • Albert Oliveira:
    (806) 292 8783
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