Our Ministries

At our church, we believe that the love of God knows no boundaries and extends to people from all backgrounds of life. We are committed to ministering to individuals with diverse experiences, cultures, and perspectives. Our church aims to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and embraced. We actively seek to understand and empathize with the unique challenges faced by people from various backgrounds, whether it be cultural, socioeconomic, racial, or generational. Our ministry teams are dedicated to meeting people where they are, providing spiritual guidance, support, and resources tailored to their specific needs. We strive to foster an atmosphere of genuine connection and authentic relationships, recognizing that every person has a story worth hearing and a vital role to play in our church family. Through intentional outreach, community partnerships, and educational initiatives, we seek to break down barriers and build bridges of understanding and compassion. At our church, we are committed to ensuring that every person feels seen, heard, and loved as we journey together in Christ.

Details About Our Ministries

Here you can find what each ministry is about.

  • Worship ministry

    Worship Ministry Leader: Wayne Wroblski

    Our Christ-centered worship ministry is deeply rooted in the passionate pursuit of honoring and worshipping God. We believe that worship is not just an event or a performance, but a sacred encounter where we offer our heartfelt praise and adoration to the One who deserves all glory and honor. Our worship team is comprised of individuals who are committed to leading others into an authentic and transformative worship experience. Through intentional prayer, scriptural grounding, and a reliance on the Holy Spirit, our worship ministry seeks to create an atmosphere where God's presence is tangible and His love is felt. We prioritize songs and music that magnify the character of God, declare His truths, and evoke a response of surrender and awe. In our worship gatherings, we encourage the congregation to fully engage their hearts, minds, and voices, allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to move and transform lives. We value unity and diversity in our worship, embracing a variety of musical styles and expressions that resonate with different individuals and cultures. Above all, our worship ministry exists to glorify God, to draw people closer to Him, and to create a space where His majesty is exalted and His name is lifted high.

  • student ministry

    Wednesday 6:30PM
    Youth Ministry Leader: Bree Ahern

    Our youth ministry is passionately dedicated to guiding and equipping young people on their journey of growth towards Christ. We believe that adolescence is a crucial and transformative period in a person's life, and our ministry is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment where youth can explore, question, and deepen their relationship with Jesus. Our youth leaders are committed to modeling Christ-like behavior and building authentic connections with the youth, fostering trust and genuine relationships. Through relevant and engaging teaching, small group discussions, and interactive activities, we seek to present the timeless truths of the Gospel in ways that resonate with the unique challenges and experiences of today's youth. Our ministry encourages active participation in prayer, Bible study, and discipleship. We also provide opportunities for service projects, missions trips, and outreach initiatives, helping our youth to put their faith into action and impact their communities for Christ. Our youth ministry strives to create a sense of belonging and purpose, cultivating an environment where young people can find support, encouragement, and mentorship as they navigate the complexities of life. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire and empower the next generation to fully embrace their identity in Christ, grow in their understanding of His love, and become passionate followers of Jesus who positively influence the world around them.

  • Children's ministry

    Wednesday 6:30PM
    Children's Ministry Leader: Jerry Simien

    Our children's ministry is dedicated to nurturing and fostering the spiritual growth of young hearts as they journey towards Christ. We believe that children have a special place in God's heart and that their faith is significant even at a young age. With a strong emphasis on age-appropriate biblical teachings, interactive activities, and engaging storytelling, we create an environment where children can encounter God's love and truth. Our dedicated team of teachers and volunteers are committed to providing a safe and loving atmosphere where children feel seen, valued, and encouraged. Through creative lessons, worship experiences, and prayer, we aim to ignite a passion for Jesus in their hearts. We strive to help children develop a personal relationship with Christ by teaching foundational biblical principles, fostering a love for the Word of God, and encouraging them to live out their faith in practical ways. Our children's ministry also values strong partnerships with parents and caregivers, recognizing that spiritual growth is a collaborative effort. We provide resources, support, and opportunities for families to continue nurturing their children's faith journey at home. Our desire is to see children not only grow in knowledge but also in their love for God and others. Through age-appropriate service projects and missions experiences, we empower children to live out the teachings of Jesus, demonstrating compassion and kindness to those around them. In our children's ministry, we are committed to creating a joyful and welcoming space where children can encounter Christ, grow in their understanding of His love, and embark on a lifelong journey of faith.

  • Men's Ministry

    Men's Ministry Leader: Mike Ahern

    Our men's ministry is deeply committed to fostering spiritual growth and cultivating a Christ-centered life among men of all ages. We recognize the unique challenges and responsibilities that men face in their daily lives, and our ministry seeks to provide a supportive and encouraging environment where they can navigate those challenges with a strong foundation in Christ. Our men's ministry offers a variety of opportunities for fellowship, discipleship, and personal growth. Through regular gatherings, small groups, and mentorship programs, we create spaces for men to connect, share their journeys, and learn from one another. Our ministry focuses on relevant and practical biblical teachings that equip men to live out their faith authentically in their families, workplaces, and communities. We encourage men to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, study of the Word, and intentional spiritual disciplines. Our ministry also emphasizes accountability and mutual support, recognizing the power of men coming alongside one another in their pursuit of Christ. We provide resources, seminars, and retreats that address topics specific to men's spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being. Additionally, we encourage men to actively engage in service and outreach, providing opportunities to use their gifts and talents to impact the world around them for Christ. Our men's ministry is a place where men can find camaraderie, support, and encouragement as they strive to grow towards Christ and live lives that honor Him in every aspect.

  • women's ministry

    Thursday 5PM
    Women's Ministry Leader: Liz Burnett

    Our women's ministry is centered around the shared goal of growing towards Christ and embracing the transformative power of His love in our lives. We believe that women have unique gifts, strengths, and callings that contribute to the body of Christ and the world at large. Our ministry seeks to create a space where women can connect, encourage one another, and deepen their relationship with Jesus. Through a variety of gatherings, small groups, and retreats, we provide opportunities for women to study God's Word, engage in meaningful conversations, and receive practical tools for spiritual growth. Our ministry values authenticity and vulnerability, recognizing that true growth occurs when we can share our joys, struggles, and victories in a supportive community. We emphasize prayer, worship, and cultivating a personal relationship with God as foundational pillars of our spiritual journey. Our ministry also encourages women to discover and utilize their God-given gifts and talents, empowering them to serve in their families, churches, and communities. We provide mentorship programs, discipleship opportunities, and resources that equip women to live out their faith in tangible ways. Furthermore, our women's ministry promotes self-care, emotional well-being, and fostering healthy relationships as integral aspects of our growth towards Christ. We recognize the importance of addressing the unique challenges women face and provide relevant teachings and resources to support their holistic development. Ultimately, our women's ministry is a place where women can find authentic community, discover their identity in Christ, and be inspired to impact the world around them with love, grace, and compassion.