Brazil 2024 | Esperantinópolis | June 20th-28th

First Baptist Church of Gordon embarks on a transformative mission trip to Esperantinópolis, a vibrant community in the heart of Brazil. With dedication to serving others and spreading the Gospel, the church is set to engage in a meaningful journey aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of the residents of Esperantinópolis. This mission trip goes beyond geographical boundaries; it represents a shared commitment to our calling and obedience to the Great Commission. We'll work alongside Pastor Francisco, a man dedicated to teaching the Word of God to his community.

What Are We Going To Do?

During our mission trip to Esperantinópolis, First Baptist Church of Gordon will engage in a diverse range of activities to connect with and serve the local pastor, his church, the community, and ultimately, Christ. One focal point will be visiting schools to share our testimony and the message of the Gospel, the organization of Vacation Bible School (VBS), designed to impart spiritual teachings to children through interactive lessons, games, and creative activities. Additionally, the mission team plans to channel the unifying power of sports by hosting sports clinics and tournaments. Evangelism efforts will take various forms, including community outreach events, prayer walks, street preaching, open air worship services, and heartfelt conversations, aiming to share the Word of God. Practical service projects such as distribution of care packages with food and medication, will address the community's tangible needs. Through this multifaceted approach, First Baptist Church of Gordon endeavors to make a holistic impact on Esperantinópolis, embodying their commitment to love, service, and the transformative power of the message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On this Mission Trip you should expect an Airplane trip to São Luis, Brazil (Where we'll land), a 5-7 hour road trip to Esperantinópolis, and the possibility of boat trips.

For more information please contact our Director of Missions, Caroline Oliveira,

I Want To Go. What Do I Need To Do?

Embarking on this transformative mission to Esperantinópolis requires the active involvement and commitment of each participant from First Baptist Church of Gordon. In order to facilitate this impactful journey, every mission trip participant is tasked with raising $2700 to cover essential expenses. Engaging in fundraising initiatives and collaborative efforts, will not only contribute to meeting the financial goal but also foster a sense of shared purpose within the church community and the team. Additionally, participants are urged to secure a passport, and obtain a Brazilian visa is another crucial step. Beyond logistical considerations, spiritual preparation is deemed equally significant, with participants encouraged to cultivate a mindset of openness, compassion, and readiness to embrace the cultural and spiritual nuances of Esperantinópolis, as well as actively engaging in prayer as a means of seeking God's guidance, strength, and unity throughout the mission preparation process.

If you are willing to take part on this beautiful journey please fill out the following forms (click on them).

• Step 1: Mission Trip Forms And Agreements (You must first complete this step, Step 2 will not be able to be completed without it)

• Step 2: Mission Trip Sign Up Form

For more information please contact our Director of Missions, Caroline Oliveira,

I'm Not Going, But I Want To Help Financially. you'd like to make a donation towards the Mission Trip or towards a specific participant, you have many options.

You can:

• Give online through Debit/Credit Card/Paypal by clicking here and choosing a one-time donation towards "Mission Trip Fund". If donating towards a specific member, write the participant's name in the memo section.

• Give by writing a check to First Baptist Church, On the memo section write "Mission Trip" or, if donating towards a specific member "Mission Trip, Member's Name."

• Drop off a donation during the offering time.

• Join our fundraising efforts.

For more information please contact our Director of Missions, Caroline Oliveira,

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to travel to Esperantinópolis?

  • Your safety is our top priority. We continually assess and monitor the local conditions, and our mission team works closely with trusted local partners to ensure a secure and enriching experience. Detailed safety guidelines and precautions will be provided to all participants.

2. Will I have a translator during the mission trip?

  • Yes, our mission team recognizes the importance of effective communication. Professional translators will be available to facilitate interactions, ensuring seamless communication between participants and the community members of Esperantinópolis.

3. How much does the mission trip cost, and what does it cover?

  • The estimated cost is $2700 per participant, covering accommodation, meals, transportation within Esperantinópolis, and other mission-related expenses. Fundraising initiatives are available to help offset these costs.

4. What documentation is required for the trip?

  • Participants need a valid passport and a Brazilian visa. Detailed information and guidance on obtaining these documents will be provided. It's essential to start the process early to ensure everything is in order.

5. What types of activities will we be involved in during the mission trip?

  • The mission trip will encompass a variety of activities, including a Vacation Bible School (VBS), sports clinics, community service projects, and evangelism efforts such as street preaching, door-to-door evangelism, and taking part of the worship services. The goal is to engage with the local community in diverse and meaningful ways.

6. How can I raise funds for the trip?

  • Fundraising is a collaborative effort. Participants are encouraged to join organized fundraising events, explore sponsorship opportunities, and leverage personal networks. The mission team will provide resources and support to assist participants in reaching their financial goals.

7. Is there a pre-trip orientation or training?

  • Yes, a comprehensive pre-trip orientation will be conducted to equip participants with essential information, cultural insights, and logistical details. This ensures everyone is well-prepared for the mission and understands their roles and responsibilities.

8. How can I prepare spiritually for the mission trip?

  • Spiritual preparation is integral to the mission experience. Participants are encouraged to engage in personal and group prayer, study relevant scriptures, and attend pre-trip spiritual preparation sessions to foster a mindset of openness, compassion, and cultural sensitivity.

9. What kind of impact can I expect to make during the mission trip?

  • The mission trip aims to make a holistic impact on Esperantinópolis, both through tangible service projects and the sharing of faith and love. Participants have the opportunity to build lasting connections, contribute to community development, and experience personal growth through this transformative experience.

10. How can I stay connected and informed leading up to the mission trip?

  • Regular updates and communication will be provided through emails, group meetings, and social media platforms. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in these channels to stay informed about important updates, deadlines, and any changes to the itinerary.