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  • aLBERT oLIVEIRA - Pastor

    About our Pastor

    Pastor Albert was born and raised in Brazil but already has a Texan heart! At the age of 19 Albert moved to Plainview, TX to start his studies at Wayland Baptist University, while at Wayland, at a Lord of the Rings marathon he met his wife Caroline, a native of Germany who holds a Ph.D in Biology and currently serves as the Director of Missions at our church. Albert first came to FBC Gordon as a Youth and Missions Pastor and was later accepted as our Lead Pastor in May of 2022. Together, Albert and Caroline have an adorable baby boy named Elliot.

    Fun facts:

    - Pastor Albert's home contains three citizenships; Brazilian (Albert), German (Caroline), and American (Elliot).

    - Albert speaks 5 languages; Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, and Mandarin.


    B.A. Psychology - Wayland Baptist University. Plainview, TX

    B.A. Religion - Cross Cultural Missions - Wayland Baptist University. Plainview, TX.

    M.A. Missiology - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Fort Worth, TX.

  • Bree Ahern - Youth ministry leader

    As a Youth Ministry Leader, Bree's primary focus is to help her students grow closer to Christ. She organizes and leads impactful Bible studies, small groups, and discussions that delve into relevant topics and explore the teachings of Jesus. Bree possesses a deep understanding of Scripture and has the ability to communicate its message in a way that resonates with young hearts and minds.

  • Wayne wroblski - worship ministry Leader


    My wife, Nancy, and I have been married for 33 wonderful years! We have 4 grown children, 2 grandchildren, 7 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a cow who considers herself to be a 600 pound lap dog.


    Over the last 13 years, I have had the opportunity to serve by leading worship in 4 different churches, and served as a lay pastor at Palo Pinto County Cowboy Church for 3 years.


    I enjoy playing guitar, riding horses, and fishing. However, my absolute favorite thing to do (honestly) is spending time with my beautiful bride!

  • Jerry Simien - Children's Ministry Leader

    Jerry recognizes the importance of age-appropriate and engaging teaching methods. She goes above and beyond to design lessons, activities, and experiences that effectively communicate the message of Christ in a way that resonates with children. Through interactive storytelling, creative crafts, and age-appropriate discussions, Jerry ensures that the children in her ministry have a clear understanding of the fundamental teachings of Jesus.

  • Mike Ahern - Men's Ministry Leader

    Mike encourages men not only to gain knowledge but also to put their faith into action. He challenges them to apply biblical principles to their daily lives, helping them develop integrity, character, and a Christ-centered worldview. Through intentional mentoring and discipleship, Mike guides men in developing authentic relationships with Jesus, fostering spiritual growth that extends beyond the confines of the Men's Ministry.

  • Liz Burnett - Women's Ministry Leader

    Liz has a deep care for the women she ministers to. She understands the unique challenges women face in their daily lives and recognizes the importance of creating a safe and nurturing space where they can explore their faith, seek guidance, and find encouragement. Liz actively listens to the concerns, struggles, and aspirations of the women she serves, ensuring that their needs are met with empathy and understanding.

  • Caroline Oliveira - Missions Ministry Leader

    Caroline excels at building meaningful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. She listens attentively, empathizes genuinely, and approaches each individual she encounters with respect and dignity. This allows her to connect with others on a deep level, understand their needs, and offer the necessary support and guidance.